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The Road to Mercury: The Completion of DC Engine 3.5!

Posted by ZX on May 25, 2009 at 1:04 PM

Pardon me for not updating in a while, but I have been a bit busy with the end of the school year. To think that it has been nearly three months since the first entry into this blog series! Luckely though, [R][E][D][2] is almost done and will see a hopeful release date of June 2nd. My last post was very brief, announcing plans for a three campaign game. While those plans haven't yet changed, I am starting to reconsider them - I guess only time will tell what becomes of Mercury! - ZX

What is DC Engine 3.5?

I'll repost this from the first Road to Mercury Post:

"With every main release of the DOOMclone series (DC, DCII, DCIII), I attempt to improve the engine in a way that it is clearly recognizable from the previous version of the engine. This was even more so with DOOMclone III, the amount of changes that were made to the engine resulted in a significant departure in the gameplay from theprevious DOOMclone releases. I was certainly thrilled that the game turned out better than previous games of mine, but the engine had grown so complex that itwas more difficult to work with. The nearly three years of monolithically improving the same engine did not work out for the better; nearly everything was unintuitively named (or not named at all!), and placed in odd groupings created while developing DOOMclone Platinum Edition that just didn't fit anymore.



Do to this I came up with three main goals for this internal milestone in preparation of both DC Tech Three and Mercury: simplification and organization, removal of unneeded objects and resources, and added improvement of the new lighting system introduced in DOOMclone III."

It's Done!

So, I am happy to officially announce that DC Engine 3.5 is now complete. It took about 4 months of work, but the engine is now significantly better than before. I have met the requirements for all three of the goals, and now I will begin work on DC Tech Three, which is based on DC Engine 3.5, and will see a release in Mid-June!

Final Words

Yes, this post is short. But I thought I would update you a little bit on where I am in regards to creating the game. Full development on Mercury begins in June!

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