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The Road to Mercury: A HUGE gameplay change!

Posted by ZX on April 12, 2009 at 11:06 AM
As I sit here listening to Zac Clark's excelent 2005 album, Faking Amnesia, I will attempt to write another entry into "The Road to Mercury." Only, this entry is two days early and is about a significant development I will make on Mercury. I apologize, as this entry will be quite short, but I hope that it is enough to keep you going for another three weeks. By which time, [R][E][D][2] will be near completion (I am considering moving it back to a May release) and main development will begin on Mercury (which could be moved back until September-October-November). -ZX

What is the change?
Well, originally, I had planned on making Mercury an epic game consisting of a single story and taking about three hours to complete. However, I realized that that is completely unrealistic goal for a 3D GM fps.

Soooo...... (ahem, drum role please).... Three Campaigns! I have decided that the game will instead consist of three separate compaigns that last between twenty and thirty minutes, ala Left 4 Dead. Due to this, the story that will be developed will be a bit more vague (please don't complain about it too much), although I still plan to have it be somewhat along the lines of how I do it in [R][E][D].

More details later!

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